The Division ON SALE

This is an amazing deal right now! $24,99 for this game is huge. That’s like more than 50% off! The end game in The Division is kind of meh, but before that, the game is awesome. If you’re only planning to play it for like 10 hours and then finish with it, then I can’t […]


Cheap AND GOOD iPhone Cables

HONESTLY, these are the best Lightning cables you can buy. I’ve been buying these cables for a while. They’re certified by Apple, they’re good quality, and they’re cheap! A lot cheaper than the official Apple ones for sure. And since I keep on forgetting where I put them, I’ve ended up with like 18 of them […]


Grow the F*ck Up

Do you need a birthday or gag gift for your buddy or bff that just needs to grow up finally? They’re not kids anymore, right? But they still act like it. This book is hilarious. Get it for them. You’ll laugh, they’ll laugh, and hey, maybe they’ll learn something! Buy on Amazon.